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In order to keep up in this time of digital revolution, businesses need a dedicated web presence. We at Toledo Group provide a wide variety of enterprise solutions ranging from simple website creation to complex, n-tier web applications. We work with you to provide the solutions that you need to grow your web presence.

Web Site Development
Since developing a website requires more than an effective web-based interface, we also provide all necessary back-end services, which include:
• Domain Name registration and hosting
• Web Site Design and Redesign
• Web Site Creation
• Web Hosting

Enterprise Solutions
Our vision of web development is to make your website become an extension of your organization, not just an electronic “ad”. We build sites that are functional, easy-to-use, and add value to your existing business.

Here is a list of technologies that we support:

Development Platforms
• J2EE/Java, JSP, Java Servlet and Enterprise Bean development
• Javascript
• Perl
• VBScript
• RDBMS: MySQL and PostreSQL

Operating Systems
Macintosh (OS 9 and OS 10)
• Windows (NT, 2000, XP)
• Linux
• Solaris

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