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The following are some of the unique features of our fulfillment services:

  1. Toledo's fulfillment services are all provided using web-based applications. Using User ID's and passwords, your designated personnel can have access to our services from anywhere, at any time.

  2. Fulfillment services can be added to end-user websites. This way, prospective investors or clients can request literature directly from the site, and have those fulfillment requests sent directly to Toledo.

  3. Toledo can provide both traditional inventory and "virtual" inventory. When a request for literature is presented, we will print "on-demand" the document, in either black-and-white, or full-color, saddle-stitch bind (as traditional printed materials are bound) and mail.

  4. Toledo will customize management reports to meet your needs. These reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly, or as-needed.

  5. Based on a pre-determined interval, we provide e-mail reminders that a document is going "stale" (out of date). This will provide your company ample time to update and re-order (if necessary) new documents.

  6. Based on a pre-determined volume, we provide e-mail reminders that a document is going below it's specified inventory floor. At that time, documents can either be re-printed by Toledo, or by their original vendor.

  7. Toledo can provide fulfillment services based on: single requests (one requestor with one request), multiple requests (one requestor with multiple requests), fulfillment to a provided mailing list, or bulk shipments to shareholder service firms (like ADP or Schwab).

  8. We can also provide follow-up mailings sent at a pre-determined interval to confirm receipt of materials, along with a "request for action."

  9. All inventory is shown in real-time.

  10. Most documents mailed same-day, with all documents sent no later than 36 hours after ordering.

  11. Toledo's policy is to never lock a client into a long-term commitment. There are no contracts to sign, per-terminal, or per-user fees, etc. You can discontinue our services with 30-days written notice.

Additional services available upon request.

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