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Unless you know what you're doing, EDGAR can be complex and time consuming. Adjusting to this mandated procedure on your own can be a costly challenge. Fortunately, there's help. We've mastered EDGAR, and our expertise can save you time and money!

Toledo Financial Service Group, the Leader in EDGAR Filings, is an authorized and registered Filing Agent with the SEC and has been involved with EDGAR since 1993. In fact, we've been working with the complex ASCII conversion coding process — the process at the heart of the EDGAR filing procedure — since 1979. We are also filing HTML documents to the SEC and have been since the test period began in June of 1999.

We invite you to put Toledo's integrity, reliability and expertise to work for you. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals have been with us for years. Each member of our team understands EDGAR and is specially-trained to address your specific needs, providing attentive, caring, customer service.

To get started right away, simply call us at 631.752.1934 or send us an e-mail at edgar@toledogroup.com.

Source Material needed for an EDGAR Filing
All you need to do is send us your document(s) either on disk or via email. If your document is not available in electronic format, send us a fax or hardcopy and we will input it for you at Toledo.

EDGAR Pricing is as shown below:
Regarding EDGAR filing, our pricing is based on 2 parts.

1) The first part involves “EDGARizing” your document into a format acceptable by the SEC. This process is $10.00 per page.

2) The second part is the actual transmission and interaction with the SEC in Washington, D.C. It includes sending proofs necessary via e-mail or fax, transmission of the document, retrieval of the EDGAR acceptance message, rectification of any transmission difficulties, e-mail or faxing of the EDGAR acceptance message and a PDF final copy of the transmission. The price for this service is $125.00.* **

* For multiple filings, which may be the case for Mutual Fund Clients who file with a Series of Funds, the additional contemporaneous filings will be $75.00 each.

** For those companies who file a series of filings such as 13D or 13G's, the initial filing is $125.00, and any additional filings will be $50.00 each.

Deliver your Filing to Toledo:

Deliver your filing to Toledo either via email, disk, hard copy, or fax. Digital media can be saved in any major file format or spreadsheet. If you choose email, send the filing to edgar@toledogroup.com as an attachment.

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