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At the Toledo Group, we take care of everything - from OCR, word processing, and typesetting your documents to printing, bindery and distribution of the finished product.

Our experienced graphics professionals will assist you in presenting the best possible image to the public, giving your text and graphics a beautifully typeset look, while adhering to the highest standards of accuracy and speed in the industry. We'll publish documents to your web site, store them on CD-ROM, convert them to PDF, e-mail or fax them for you and have them printed, bound and distributed in hardcopy form.

You can count on us to provide you with the most highly effective, cost-efficient means for creating, designing and delivering all of your business and marketing communications.

Some items we deliver:
• Sales & marketing materials
• Design & Layouts
• Brochures
• Presentation Folders
• Stationery
• Color Catalogs

Typesetting is more than glorified word processing. Technology cannot replace the skills of experienced graphic artists to convert basic files into publication-worthy documents.

Our art department has the expertise to use powerful tools to create documents that not only look good, but are created with the proper rules of typesetting and design.

We pay attention to the "look and feel" of typesetting, a craft that many firms do not practice any longer. We review for loose lines, bad hyphenation, word wrapping, and proper alignment of columns for financial work.

All of our work is proofread by both the computers and people to assure that the copy is accurate and spelled correctly. We also review documents for proper page layout, page alignments, table of contents accuracy, and accurate art placement.

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